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fly ash bricks wagholi

Fly Ash Bricks

Shape Description
fly ash bricks wagholi
Variants: (6"),(4") Bricks
Size (mm): (230 x 150 x 80), (230 x 100 x 80)
Compressive Strength: M10
Density: 1900 Kg/m3
Benefits of Sneh Fly Ash Bricks
  • Ling life of the construction due to high compressive strength
  • Low dead weight on the structure due to low density
  • No seepage due to low water absorption
  • Size advantage, as it has 5mm extra on length and thickness
  • Eco friendly product as it is made up of recycled material i.e. Fly Ash
  • Easy plastering due to rough surface

    Group of Associates

  • Sneh Enterprises
  • Sneh Infra Products
  • Eco Bricks
  • Sneh Transport
  • HP Constro Projects
  • Virtuoso Automation Solutions
  • Sneh Concrete Products